Cow Cake

I love cake and I love animals; for my day job I work in animal health, so when my bosses birthday came around I couldn’t resist making him this adorable cake!

I made 2 large lemon drizzle sheet cake scaling up a recipe from Marry Berry. I really like her recipe and think her lemon drizzle cakes has a lovely sharpness to it which balances out the sweetness nicely.  I sandwiched the cake with lemon curd and free hand cut the shape of the cows head, then from the off cuts shaped the horns and ears separately and added them on before brushing the whole thing with an icing sugar and lemon juice/water mix.


I rolled out white fondant icing to cover the head and horns, Black icing to cover the ears and make the nostrils as well as the characteristic splodges of a Friesian cow. I combined white and black fondant for the eyes. For the inner ear jaw and the muzzle of the cow, I mixed red food colouring with the white fondant to produce a pale pink.

One of the diseases which our lab tests for is Bluetongue so I couldn’t resist giving the cow a cheeky little blue tongue.

I think he looks so cute and he tasted amazing too. What sort of cakes do you like to make? Do you bake for the people you work with too?

Till next time make something with love

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Horse Cake

My horse Copper

I’m horsey mad I had them growing up and have always been around them, so naturally I have a lot of horsey mad friends too. I Made this cake for one of them.

I found a recipe for a white chocolate and raspberry cake on the BBC good food website which I really wanted to try out so I doubled the mixture in order to make 2 sheet cakes. I also increased the mixture for the white chocolate ganache and instead of using it to sandwich the cakes, I  crumb coated the whole cake with it after carving the shape. I decided to use seedless raspberry jam as the central filling to give an extra raspberry kick.

IMAG0157I cut out the shape of the horses eat free hand using the picture of my horse as a reference for the shape of its head. I modelled the colouring and markings of the horse and the head collar on cake recipients horse. So I mixed a brownie orange fondant and used that to cover the ganache covered cake. I used the same coloured fondant to make strips of hair by cutting 2/3rds the way up the strips to make a fringe which I attached to the head and neck. her horse has a white stripe which is slightly wonky around one eye so I copied that out of plain white fondant and I cut out darker brown fondant eyes and nostrils. Lastly I made the head collar out of a bright blue. I do have a confession to make though… I was running a bit short on time so instead of making and colouring my own fondant I just used store bought ready to roll fondant and mixed premade colours till I got what I wanted. It isn’t that bad right?

she loved it  and it tasted awesome so I was really happy with how it turned out too. I really like making animal cakes as I think you can inject a lot of personality into them.

What is your Favourite type of cake to make?

Till Next time make something with love.

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